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6 Great Movie Cars and their Real-Life Counterparts You Can Buy on Autotrader

We're showing you the real-life versions of six popular movie cars you can buy today (without being a movie star).

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5 Great All-Wheel Drive CPO Crossovers for Under $25,000

Here are 5 impressive CPO all-wheel drive crossover bargains that are worth a test drive.

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This Little Traffic Light Is (Maybe) for Sports Cars

If your country is filled with sports cars, you design your infrastructure around them.

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Which Sides for Steering Wheel Audio and Cruise Control Are Correct?

They're just buttons on a steering wheel -- but which sides are the right sides?

Car Buying

Made in America: Kia

Since 2009, Kia has been building vehicles in its West Point, Georgia plant.

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Remember When Lotus Debuted Six Concepts at the 2010 Paris Autoshow?

Spoiler alert: Not one production version saw the light of day.

Used Car Review

2014 Hyundai Elantra: Used Car Review

The 2014 Hyundai Elantra adds a new Sport sedan model, a peppier 2.0-liter engine and Pandora internet radio availability.

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CPO Deals: December 2017

Our list of December's best CPO deals and incentives proves you can get an excellent deal on a used model with a long warranty.

Used Car Review

2013 Toyota Yaris: Used Car Review

The 2013 Toyota Yaris may be small in size but big in value with up to 36 highway mpg, 15 cubic feet of cargo room and standard HD Radio.

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