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Lamborghini Almost Made Some US Military Vehicles

Did you know Lamborghini almost made an SUV before the LM002?

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Monday Quiz: Can You Identify This Car?

It is once again time for another rousing round of Monday Quiz!

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Autotrader Find: Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI for Under $10,000

You can have all that torque for less than the price of a new Mitsubishi Mirage.

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Here's Something Amazing About Toyota Prius Odometers

The odometers in early models of America's favorite hybrid get stuck just before hitting 300,000 miles.

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Autotrader Find: Bright Yellow 1987 Subaru XT

The weirdest Subaru is for sale on Autotrader.

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These Automakers Had Very Different Approaches to Luxury in the 1990s

New luxury cars mostly look the same, and they try do to the same things. It wasn't always this way.

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My Vintage Scooter Is Worth More Than Both of My Cars

A lesson in Vespa and Lambretta history -- and the story behind Sam Keller's 1958 Lambretta Li150 Scooter.

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10 Great Used Cars Under $5,000

Finding a used car for under $5,000 can seem challenging, but there are some great options out there.

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Video | This Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG Has Lost $200,000 in Value in 10 Years

Here's what it's like to drive around in a $30,000 used luxury car with a 600-horsepower V12.

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